Homeworld 2 mods

Mar 02,  · captainshack take a look at one of the first mods ported over to the steam workshop for homeworld remastered. Hosting , files for games from 74, authors serving 13,, members with 2,,, downloads to date. This mod aims to bring strategic combat to the babylon 5 universe.

Shei (i pronouce as "shay") is a mutated wolf ally that can be used in addition to any other followers, including dogmeat.

Ts: sins of galactic empire is a total overhaul mod with its roots in homeworld 2: warlords. The conversion pack is a huge package of additional heroes, units, and vehicles. Born of a dissatisfaction with homeworld 2, the homeworld:@ team is building upon the foundations of homeworld and homeworld:cataclysm to create a faithful sequel in.

As the galactic civil war rages on, pick from a vast range of factions.

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